A Method of practicing Tara which allows blessings to swiftly enter.


I prostrate to the noble Tara!

For a yogi desiring to accomplish Tara;

In the space before one is exalted Tara, her body is green and her right hand is (in the mudra of ) supreme generosity.

Her left hand holds an utpala.

Her right leg is extended out and her left is drawn in.

Think that she resides upon a lotus, sun and moon.

With your mind, make offerings, praises, and supplications to her.


Through each prostration offered with your mind,

Light rays emerge from  Tara’s enlightened heart-mind.

As they strike your body, the obscurations of the body are purified.

As they strike your speech, the obscurations of the speech are purified.

As they strike your heart, the obscurations of the mind are purified.


Having purified the habitual tendencies of clinging to true reality, as well as attachment and anger;

Meditate that there is no difference between oneself and Tara, like a dream and an illusion.

And then, recite the praises to Tara, 3 or 7 times,  as many as you wish.

Tara dissolves from above your crown, downwards.

Think that your body has dissolved into emptiness, like a rainbow.


As the body and mind have become loose and relaxed, the mind will be clear and exceedingly pure.

Recognizing that, meditate that the experiences of that recognition develop.


And then recite three times “By these roots of virtue, may I attain Buddhahood in order to benefit migrating beings!”


In this way it is explained in the root text that all good qualities arise from this praise, and so, by (practicing) it there will be accomplishment.


The Lord Jowo (Atisha), having received a prophecy from Tara, and having made her his heart practice, found the accomplishment of siddhis. 

And then, gradually, all of the Kadampas made this their heart practice and cleared away obstacles.

 They say there are no blessings and siddhis greater than these.


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